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Our team has the experience and relationships to help your business prepare for the future with innovative, customized risk management solutions


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  • AgriCap Ag Bi Protector – Contingent BI (Processor Crop Insurance)
  • Crop Insurance Captive
  • Exclusive Member Benefits Program
  • Land Lease Program
  • Livestock Contingent BI Program
  • Succession Planning
  • Supplemental Retirement Benefits with Life Insurance

Captive Insurance for Farmers

As a farmer, it is important to have the right crop insurance coverage that meets both your current and future needs. That’s why the AgriCap Group offers crop captive solutions – an alternative to traditional crop insurance that provides farmers with tailored coverage and premiums.

Crop Insurance for Processors

The AgriCap Group collaborates with a processing entity to establish a captive insurance company. In this arrangement, the processing entity assumes ownership of the captive insurance company and oversees all of its insurance programs.

Healthcare Benefits

An exclusive, invitation only, healthcare member benefits program for Agribusinesses which includes healthcare plans.


Try Our Trademarked Process

Risk Assessment

Once an NDA has been completed, AgriCap initiates an assessment to identify and define risks that impact the financial performance of the entity’s operations. AgriCap and Entity identify needed data and the entity supplies the data to evaluate identified risks. 

Develop Coverage Plan

AgriCap and Entity define and develop coverage needed to assure that “break even” is assured each year (insure the margin). If required, endorsement(s) and special provisions will be created to assure that identified and defined risks are covered.

Develop Proforma

AgriCap will develop a proposal and proforma for review.  Durring review of the proforma AgriCap will explain the financial numbers for each line item. Carefully examining options for coverage and retention of the captive insurance company.

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