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Heat Stress Coverage

Milkshake by Air Parametric

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What is Milkshake?®

Climate change is driving higher average temperatures and more intense, longer lasting heat waves in the US causing heat stress in livestock which significantly reduces dairy cow milk production*. AIR Parametric’s Milkshake® provides dairy farmers compensation for lost revenue and higher expenses when the temperature-humidity index (THI) reaches higher-than-normal levels, impacting a herd’s milk production and quality.

Benefits for Dairy Farms

  • Clear and simple triggers remove the mystery of claims
  • Immediate, automated claims processing, providing funds to customers in real time after a loss event
  • Continuous weather data monitoring allowing insurance carriers to project and quickly react to outcomes
  • New product innovation, even when there is sparse historical claim data available
  • Aggregate capacity and limits to cover all sizes of dairy farms
  • Proprietary modeling, accounting for historical and projected weather of the farm location
  • Covers currently uninsurable risk, and addresses existing gaps left by traditional products

How Does Milkshake Work?

Milkshake’s proprietary products and pricing models utilize leading weather data and geospatial technology, embedded AI technology, and 24/7 monitoring ensuring transparency and immediacy, and dramatically simplify claim processes for policyholders and distribution partners. When the thresholds are breached claims are paid.

  • Coverage provided for THI conditions causing volume shortfalls or lower quality product
  • Simple contract that pays predetermined amount quickly when THI thresholds are breached
  • Heat and humidity readings or strike points that must be met for payout
  • Precise location-based weather measurements
  • Did cost of feed increase, more expense for electricity or water?
  • Payout: simple and fast, less than 1 week from triggering conditions to payment
  • Online claims reporting and payment process

Air Parametric empowers small and mid-sized businesses by reducing extreme weather event risks through data- and technology-led parametric

Provided by American Agribusiness Association

Milkshake Webinar

This webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about protecting your dairy farm’s financial future. Whether you’re a seasoned dairy farmer or new to the industry, this discussion promises to offer valuable insights that can benefit your operation.

Hosted by Jamie Luce, CEO, and Founder of AIR Parametric, who will give you invaluable insights into how Milkshake® can help mitigate the effects of heat stress on your herd’s milk production

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