About CapCare

CapCare was founded on the premise of providing a single-source, turn-key employee healthcare solution to businesses seeking innovative alternative risk management solutions for their employee healthcare programs that are affordable and more transparent.

Our team specializes in the designing, implementing, and servicing of healthcare benefit solutions to businesses and organizations seeking alternatives to the traditional health insurance marketplace with a focus on creating a friendly employee/member experience by reducing the friction between patient and healthcare provider – all at a lower cost with access to data-driven analytics.

The CapCare team understands the many complexities with the healthcare marketplace and can expertly guide business owners on getting more for their employees out of the dollars spent on employee benefit plans.

Health insurance challenges

  • Excessive premiums
  • High deductibles and out-of-pocket costs
  • Uncontrolled inflation with no solution
  • Confusing benefit design & process for employer and employee
  • Lack of options for small groups
  • Pricing disparity between large and small groups
  • A Comprehensive Membership Program for Groups as Low as One (1)
    > Access to a national PPO network
    > ACA compliant health benefits
    > Available to sole proprietors and 1099 contractors
    > Fully funded program
    > In-Network coverage in all 50 states, plus DC & Puerto Rico
    > 4 tier rates nationwide – No age rating, no census needed
    > Coverage cannot be denied (no pre-existing limitations)
    > 100% preventive care as required by the Affordable Care Act
    > Participants benefit from large group rates nationwide
    > Concierge access and support