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Healthcare Challenges for Farmers

According to a 2017 U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded study, lack of access to affordable health insurance is one of the most significant concerns facing American farmers, an overlooked risk factor that affects their ability to run a successful enterprise. 

Two out of three farmers and ranchers (64 percent) reported having a pre-existing health condition. With an average age of 58, farmers and ranchers are also vulnerable to higher insurance premiums due to age-rating bands. 1

Exclusive Member Benefit Program

The American Agribusiness Association (A3) offers an exclusive healthcare member benefits program for Agribusinesses which includes healthcare plans. To access the program, you must join A3 as a member.


  • Available to all group sizes (even groups of 1)
  • Fully funded, first dollar coverage
  • 4 tier rates nationwide – No age rating, no census needed
  • In-network coverage in all 50 states, including DC and Puerto Rico
  • Participating members have seen savings on monthly costs 
  • Access to a national PPO provider network in all 50 states (including District of Columbia and Puerto Rico)
  • Open enrollment is the 1st of every month
  • As an A3 member, coverage cannot be denied
  • ACA compliant health benefits available

How Does the Program Work?

The Healthcare Member Benefits Program is an invitation only program available to active American Agribusiness Association (A3) members, employer members, and their employees. As a member of A3, you will have the opportunity to participate in the program by becoming an Associate Member of Local 426/NY Practice MGMT Association, which provides access to among other items healthcare related benefits that include health benefits as well as prescription benefits, life insurance, accident, and various educational programs.

Caveat – The Member Benefits Program is not an insurance program and is not marketed or sold in the commercial market or through brokers. The Benefits Program is NOT an employer sponsored health plan, rather a member benefit that is offered through the employer’s membership with a designated affiliated association or organization. Participants are accessing these member benefits by becoming an Associate member of Amalgamated Local 426. It is the sole responsibility of the employer and employee to review the summary of benefits coverage as well as the summary plan documents to understand the benefits being offered or selected. All program partners, Benefit Development Consultants, Business Facilitators and/or Member Benefit representatives are consultants and not brokers. These consultants are available to assist you with questions and provide education on behalf of the Member Benefit Program. An employee of employer does not have a contract with such consultants.

Become an A3 Member

The American Agribusiness Association (A3) is a private, non-profit, membership organization. A3 was formed by industry veterans with over 30 years of service in their respective fields and created to deliver value-added services in the areas of best practices, risk management, risk assessment and financial services. A3 membership is comprised of corporate and individual farmers, agriculture processors, cooperatives, and any agricultural related businesses, as well as vendor companies providing financing, insurance, consulting and other products and services related to the agriculture industry.

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