AgriCap Ag BI Protector

Contingent Business Income – Risk Management Program

For Ag Cooperatives, Ag Processors, Agribusinesses and Grain Handling Businesses

AgriCap Ag BI Protector, a Contingent Business Income Program designed specifically for today’s Cooperatives and Processors to assist in managing risk.

This Contingent Business Income Program (CBI) provides coverage for your operation to protect against a financial loss of revenue due to a Qualifying Event occurring within your trade area. The coverage is designed to manage risk of lost revenue from sales, service, or throughput. The CBI coverage will put a financial floor under the annual budget of the Cooperative/Processor.

This coverage is now only available through the AgriCap Group, their Captive Insurance Structures and select group of reinsurance companies.

While Crop Yields may be increasingly uncertain from season to season, your Business Income doesn’t have to be. Changing weather patterns over the last 5 years have routinely caused losses throughout the agribusiness community.

The CBI coverage is written on an All-Risk Policy comprising these Qualifying Events, including but not limited to:

  • adverse weather conditions (including, but not limited to, drought and freezing)
  • fire
  • wildlife
  • insect infestation
  • plant or crop disease
  • earthquake
  • volcanic eruption
  • failure of the irrigation water supply

Why AgriCap:

  1. AgriCap is able to use a ‘new methodology’ to create your ‘loss point’
  2. With The AgriCap Contingent BI coverage, your business is able to maintain a breakeven point in the down years, while retaining premium in the good years.
  3. AgriCap provides Captive Formation and Stop Loss Coverage through our Reinsurance Partners.
  4. AgriCap has negotiated reduced costs to operate the Captive Insurance Program.
  5. AgriCap has developed a Turnkey program vetted by CPA firms and Reinsurers.
  6. AgriCap has assembled a diverse ‘Agriculture Risk Management Team’ with backgrounds from various parts of the industry, providing a “one stop shop” for expertise in developing agricultural products and programs.

Don’t live with the instability of increasing weather patterns. Your Cooperative/Processing business can stay protected through the unseasonably drastic weather swings and events that can affect your bottom line.

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