About US

AgriCap Group, LLC is based in Minnesota. It was formed by the Nesbit Agencies and by Unity Financial. Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to develop your own risk management solutions, and to do that through a captive crop insurance company. Nesbit Agencies and Unity Financial have been cultivating relationships with top insurance companies and developing unique, cost-effective products for many years. We are experienced professionals with a ‘hands-on’ approach to Farm Risk Protection and Succession Planning. We have 18 offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina.

Meet The Team

David Buss

With over 21 years of experience in the insurance industry, David Buss specializes in working with organizations in all of their planning needs. His goal is to take complex ideas and make them simple to understand and implement. Before starting AgriCap Group, LLC, he had run his own company and held management positions for national financial planning organizations. David received his degree from Ridgewater College in 2000. He has co-authored two books, Protect Your Legacy, A Handbook for Estate Planning, and Keeping Your Farm in The Family, What You Need To Know. He has also taught CLE “Estate Planning for Farmers: Practical Solutions and Tools” for the National Business Institute. David works with insurance and reinsurance coverage and pricing analytics.

Gary Otte

Mr. Otte has over 37 years of experience in the banking, insurance, and investment industry. Mr. Otte

spent 27 years with a financial institution as Vice President and Director. In 1982, Mr. Otte earned his

designation as a Certified Insurance Counselor. In 1998, he formed G.P. Agencies, an independent

property and casualty insurance agency, and he later formed Unity Financial, Unity Farm Estate Services

and Unity Insurance Agency, a division of Nesbit Agencies. Through these entities and the AgriCap Group,

LLC, he has developed and marketed various national insurance and investment related products. Mr.

Otte is a past president of the Minnesota Professional Insurance Agents Association, a member of the

Independent Insurance Agents Association, and was awarded Professional Agent of the Year by the

association in 1986. Gary sits on the advisory council for Nationwide’s “Land As Your Legacy.” Gary uses

his experience to evaluate and assist farm families and other businesses in their transition and risk

protection planning.

Dennis Daggett

Dennis Daggett is currently a partner of AgriCap Group, LLC. He grew up on a farm in southwest Iowa and has been an active farmer.  He became involved in crop insurance in 1977 as a loss adjuster for the USDA-Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and has been active in crop insurance at all levels.  He has been directly involved in starting up two crop insurance companies, and is acknowledged nationally for innovation in crop insurance policy development and policy administration integration with precision ag technology.  Notable work efforts include the development of the production plan crop-hail policy and the integration of precision ag technology and data into the USDA. He has also developed numerous crop insurance policies for the USDA-Risk Management Agency that are now being sold throughout the United States.  He has worked on executive management teams of five crop insurance companies, and has served on the National Crop Insurance Services and American Association of Crop Insurer Board of Directors. He has served as the Chair of the AgGateway Precision Ag Council; and has been a member of the AgGateway Board of Directors and the AgGateway Strategic Board of Directors.  He led the development of the AgGlossary for AgGateway (AgGlossary.org) and is directly involved in the development of a controlled vocabulary through the AgGateway AgriSemantics Working Group. He has developed insurance policies and programs for AgriCap Group, LLC; and has developed programs to ensure agriculture-based carbon credits and sustainability claims.  Dennis lives in Winterset, Iowa and is married to Cindy Daggett.  They have 4 boys, 4 daughter in-laws and 16 grandchildren.

AgriCap Group, LLC has assembled a team of crop re-insurance companies, re-insurance managers, captive insurance company managers and a service platform to allow you take control of your Crop Insurance in your own Captive Insurance Company (Owner Controlled Insurance Company).